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Courtney Love’s introduction to the Virgin Prunes

Courtney Love introduced the Virgin Prunes at the ‘Gavin Friday and Friends’ event in Carnegie Hall on October 4th. She did so eloquently and passionately, explaining how she came to know of them and what they meant to her life. What follows is a close approximation of what she said and it includes a brief […]

Bringing art and anarchy to 1980

Irish music magazine State.ie talks to Gavin Friday about the Virgin Prunes. The full article, ‘When art and anarchy collide’ is available online. “The second gig we ever did was just me and Guggi, with U2 are our band, when they were The Hype. I worked in a slaughterhouse and I got a load of […]

Masterbag interview – 1982

(Quotes from 1982 Masterbag article) Dik: “Our motivation is to express ourselves in whatever way we feel we must.” Gavin: “We want our audience to do as they wish. If they like it or lump it, it makes no difference to us once they react.” Dik: “Our work originates from within our collective personalities. It […]

Quotes by and about Virgin Prunes

“The Virgin Prunes are a mirror to you. To look in that mirror or turn away is your choice…” From “Art Fuck”, an early unreleased Virgin Prunes song. “The energy, the vitality, the r’n’r spirit radiated from the Virgin Prunes and anybody who’s ever come in contact with them is amazing. Their ideas alone are […]