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A New Form Of Beauty sticker

Advert from Seaside festival magazine 1983

Postcard: rear view (2004 re-release promo)

Postcard: The Beautifull House (2004 re-release promo)

Postcard: Pig Child Guggi (2004 re-release promo)

Ticket: Brixton Ace, 25 November 1982

Fan’s scrapbook

We received an old Virgin Prunes scrapbook which an Irish fan currently residing in Brasil rescued from the dangers of humidity.

If I Die, I Die advertising

Advertisement from Seaside Festival magazine, 1983: (courtesy of WV)

A New Form Of Beauty 5 – ticket

This is an original ticket from the A New Form Of Beauty 5 exhibition in 1981. As you can see from the reverse, this particular ticket was bought by, or for, Noel. Was that you?

First Prunes contract up on eBay

A collection consisting of U2’s first demo reel and the Virgin Prunes 1979 development contract has been put on auction on eBay. The item can be yours now for $35,000.00. At the time of writing, no bids have been made. “This collection consists in an original demo tape from U2’s first recording session with Paul […]