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Guggi: “We were just teenagers with nothing to do”

Sunday Times, September 2002 They didn’t fit into Cedarwood Road, nor into the lower middle-class niche of their youth. Neither of them liked football, the drinking culture that they saw the older teenagers slipping into nor the grinding poverty of ambition among their peers. It helped that they lived opposite each other: Derek Rowen in […]

Masterbag interview – 1982

(Quotes from 1982 Masterbag article) Dik: “Our motivation is to express ourselves in whatever way we feel we must.” Gavin: “We want our audience to do as they wish. If they like it or lump it, it makes no difference to us once they react.” Dik: “Our work originates from within our collective personalities. It […]

Vinyl Magazine, 1981

In Rough Trade’s London HQ the Virgin Prunes are seated on old chairs and stacks of telex books, gathered around the tape-recorder. Guggi is busy grooming his nails, Mary studies his rhythmically dangling legs, Dik leans backwards, apparently relaxed, from the tip of his chair Dave-id observes the scene, his eyes nervously darting around and […]

Guggi Knights

Sunday Times, May 21, 2000 As he unveils his first exhibition for five years the artist formerly known as Derek Rowen looks back on a disciplinarian childhood and his escape from conformity with Bono, the Virgin Prunes and painting, writes MICHAEL ROSS Everyday objects in art: Guggi’s Urns with Stripes at the Solomon gallery is […]

Guggi: “They make me feel like a wealthy man”

Irish Independent, June 18, 2000 Father’s Day, Guggi, pop-star-turned-artist, talks to Aine O’Connor about his children. WHEN Guggi left the Virgin Prunes in 1986 he decided to concentrate full-time on the thing he had long been most interested in painting. He got a small studio in the City Arts Centre, Dublin, where a young but […]

Guggi’s Art Attack

Irish Times – May 2000 by John Kelly THE INDEFINITE ARTICLE: Guggi used to live in Lypton Village – an imaginary universe populated by people with strange names. He got the name Guggi because his mate Paul thought he looked like a Guggi. Then Paul needed a name too and Guggi chose it, dubbing him […]

Guggi: “I was very sad to walk away from that band”

Enter.ie – 2000 What were your interests as a teenager? I think that what other kids were interested in didn’t do it for me. I guess that that’s the best way of putting it, and to some extent, I was probably quite lost. I remember being hit by a stone on the head as a […]

The world according to Guggi

Sunday Independent – July 13 2003 The world according to Guggi THE Eden-like splendour of Guggi’s garden in the Dublin suburb of Dundrum is broken by Paddy, a hulking great Irish wolfhound. I am less scared of the snakes – Lucien, Yuna and Imotep – crawling biblically about the kitchen than I am of Paddy, […]

Virgin Prunes – Réminiscence

from: Premonition n°22, January 1996 À l’aube des années 80, la vague punk avait nettoyé la plage, et les jeunes groupes n’avaient que l’embarras du choix quant à la musique qu’ils désiraient créer. Un des groupes “froids” de l’époque allait pousser les choses plus loin que les autres, et leur influence, bien que discrète, sera […]