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The Virgin Prunes – interview – The Bob (1983)

“‘Pagan Love Song’ is saying, emotionally people have feelings for somebody, and instead of just going for it, they go all around this trip. But by the time they get there, it’s lost. ‘Pagan Love Song’ is just sort of… be savage.”

Tripping the lite fantastik – Record Mirror (1981)

Cover and ‘Tripping the lite fantastik’ article by Chris Westwood, from the February 21, 1981 issue of Record Mirror. From the article: Gavin Friday is wearing a dress (“but I don’t want to look like a woman – I’m not wearing the dress in a feminine way”); Dave-id is currently calling himself Dave-Id Busaras Scott […]

Pigswill – Flexipop 29 – magazine (1982)

‘The Virgin Prunes give Kris Needs some pork scratchings’ in this interview from Flexipop magazine (issue 29, 1982) Gavin: “The pig is supposed to be a greedy and selfish animal, symbolic of dirt and filth. But the thing is, it’s the most honest.” A German tour was pulled out “because they thought we killed pigs. […]

Rip it up and start again – Simon Reynolds (2005)

In “Rip it up and start again” Simon Reynold’s book on post-punk music (78-84), the author writes the following on the Virgin Prunes in the chapter “Dark Things: Goth and the return of rock”: ‘Release the Bats’ was produced by Nick Launay, who had worked on PiL’s tribal-sounding ‘Flowers of Romance’ and later produced another […]

NMX fanzine interview (1981)

Q: What is ‘A New Form of Beauty’ about? Dave-id: Ugliness Dik: Very difficult to explain in verbal terms. We had become disillusioned with the releasing of just records. We wanted to make up our own rules as opposed to working to rules made up from the outside. ‘A New Form of Beauty’ is about […]

Zig Zag magazine (1982)

An interview with Gavin and Dave-id from Zig Zag magazine (1982). ZZ: How come you did such essentially rock ‘n’ roll gigs as the Theatre of Hate support spots? Dave-id: It’s only rock ‘n’ roll and I don’t like it Gavin: There’s no use playing gigs unless people see you. We use gigs like that. […]

Big Think – Overcoming Arts True Test: Discipline – Guggi

“While artists are known for following whims and dodging routine, the Irish painter Guggi insists that hard-work, structure, and a refusal to put down even the most frustrating piece, are the keys to developing ones talent.”

Big Think – Ideas – Guggi interview

Question: What was your biggest career mistake? Guggi: Working for my dad. Question: Why was that a mistake? Guggi: It was a mistake because he worked us very, very hard for very little money but then when he’d get annoyed with us he wouldn’t discipline us the way you would normally discipline an employee. He […]

Still Life of a Painter – Guggi

From Blog of Revelations, by Peter Murphy “I gotta say, when I see it hung, I’m pleased.” 24 hours before the opening of his latest exhibition, Guggi, born Derek Rowan, reclines in an office room in the Kerlin Gallery, mere yards from where the fruit of his last few years of work adorns the walls. […]

Guggi’s bohemian rhapsody

Growing up with nine siblings Guggi, was known as the eejit one, but now the ex-Virgin Prunes member is at the forefront of Irish art, still friends with Bono and looking far more like an eejit savant, writes Sarah Caden Sunday March 15 2009 ‘AM I a good Christian?” asks Guggi, sitting in front of […]