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Eyewitness: Steve Dobson

Nice to see other fanatics are out there ! I first saw Virgin Prunes at Heaven , 1993 , I thought that they were absolute crap ! Yet , there was something so compelingly , camply awful about their performance I became completly obsessed and grew to love them . I was fortunate to meet […]

Eyewitness: Hel, Scotland

Oh what to say about the Virgin Prunes!The VP’s along with The Birthday Party so completely changed my life in the early 80’s that you could say that their influences made me the person I am now.I have had the pleasure of seeing the Prunes on several occasions – the last time if I remember […]

Eyewitness: Shaun Morris

“The first time I got to see Virgin Prunes live was at the Electric Ballroom, London on 11th August 1983. Support was provided by the then up and coming Sisters Of Mercy. “I’d become a fan of the band early in ’83 so still had little knowledge of what they were about. What I saw […]

Eyewitness: Thomas Geyrhalter

Virgin Prunes Berlin The Loft June’86 “we were very excited about this for weeks in advance. i will never forget the sound of my friend frank’s voice reading out the name ‘virgin prunes’ from the loft’s preview flyer, as this name was already more of a mythology for us. i dressed up all yellow, which […]

Eyewitness: Paul Doliner

“I was at the Danceteria show in 1983. It was in the early part of January, the exact day I don’t remember. What I will never forget though is Gavin spitting apple on me and a couple of other fans in the front. I never washed the bits off my leather jacket either. The jacket […]