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Rogue’s Gallery out on August 22

The Johnny Depp inspired / Hal Willner produced tribute to sea songs and chanteys ‘Rogue’s Gallery’ will be released on ANTI on August 22. The album features the mini-reunion of Dave-id, Guggi and Gavin Friday, on the song ‘Bully in the Alley’. Gavin Friday also contributes the song ‘Baltimore Whores’ Disc one: “Cape Cod Girls,” […]

Gavin, Guggi, Dave-id record ‘Bully in the Alley’

Gavin Friday talks to us about the Chanteys and Sea Songs tribute album and its all star line-up.

Three Prunes re-unite on Hal Willner ‘sea songs’ album

Gavin Friday, Maurice Seezer and a full ensemble have been working with producer Hal Willner in a Dublin studio this past week.

Guggi, Dave-id and Gavin on RTE 2FM, 2004

Gavin, Guggi & Dave-id appeared live on RTE’s 2FM with Dan Hegarty on October 5, 2004. This is part I of the transcript: Song: I am God Hegarty: Well, it’s what you’ve been waiting for, The Virgin Prunes, ‘I am God’. The Virgin Prunes, or at least some of them, Gavin Friday, Dave-id and Guggi […]

A Conversation With Dave-id – Part 2

Continued from part I So when the music was changing in that way and then the band when back with Over The Rainbow to releasing more of the experimental stuff, do you think that made it harder for a lot of people to accept The Moon Looked Down And Laughed very shortly after, when it […]

A Conversation With Dave-id – Part 1

Hello, is that Dave-id? It’s Stuart from Virginprunes.com. [Pause] Sorry, just turning down the sound on the telly. How are you? Yeah, good thanks. What have you been up to today? Just taking it easy today, out late last night. Where were you? Oh, out on the town on a date, having too many drinks […]

Dave-id, Guggi and Gavin promo video

The three vocalists of the Virgin Prunes introduce the re-releases in a video message:

Dave-id’s website make over

Dave-id Busaras’s website’s has had a little make over.

Dave-id at Eamon Doran’s

Dave-id will be playing Eamon Doran’s in Dublin again on December 5th. The gig will be recorded. Eamon Doran’s bring out live CDs every year, compilations of the artists performing in their club.

Dave-id plays live

Dave-id will be playing a short set tomorrow evening in Dublin’s ‘Eamon Doran’s’.