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Temporary Site Problems

Please bear with us while we deal with a few problems that have occured on this site over the past couple of days.

Some readers might have noticed that the site was partially unavailable over the weekend. We’ve suffered a technical problem – we don’t know at the moment whether it was just a glitch or a more deliberate hacking attempt – and some of the site’s content is temporarily missing.
It’s all recoverable, but unfortunately it’s not a five minute job. Time is short this week for a variety of reasons, so it will probably be the weekend before we can do a thorough assessment of what we need to do to return the site to its former glory.
The forum in particular is out of action. One theory is that our use of an older, less secure version of the bulletin board software that drives the forum might have made us prone to hacking. Or it could just be a severe case of ghosts in the machine.
In any case, we’ll probably be taking this as a prompt to re-think the way we deliver the forum, so this part of the site might stay down for a little while longer. We know you enjoy the opportunity for conversations with your fellow Prunes fans, so rest assured that it won’t disappear permanently.
We’d like to thank you for your continued interest in Virginprunes.com and we ask for your patience until we can return all the missing bits and pieces to their rightful places.