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Sister Ray 29 September 2004 pictures

Virginprunes.com eagerly bought a One Day Travelcard and popped along to London’s Soho on 29 September 2004 to document the Mute Records re-releases signing session at Sister Ray with Gavin & Guggi.

Commencing just after 1:30pm, the session lasted for around two hours. Despite the poor weather and the middle-of-the-day, mid-week scheduling, there were approximately 70-80 fans present, from toddlers to VP veterans.

The event was filmed by Mute, with no current purpose but for possible future use. There were also several fans taking numerous pictures; if you’ve published these elsewhere on the web, let us know – we’d love to link to them.

With a fully charged camera battery and a 1GB memory card, it has to be said that we got quite carried away and ended up with over two hundred shots of the event. Even having discarded around forty pictures as sub-standard, we’ve got far more than we can possibly publish in one go.

Today, we’re showing you the best pictures, with variety in mind. We’ll be following up with more pictures of Gav & Guggi talking to individual fans. If you were there, check back soon to see if we’ve captured your encounter on film.