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Sister Ray 29 September 2004 pictures (fans)

Following on from yesterday’s overview of the Sister Ray signing session, today we present more photographs of Gavin & Guggi chatting to some of the people who attended.Given the format of the event, these photographs are a little more repetitive. For those who were present and captured here, we hope you enjoy the memento. For non-attendees, what they probably indicate above everything else is the friendly, humorous and attentive manner with which the two former Prunes chatted with their fans.

It would, of course, be entirely indiscreet of us to reproduce any of the conversations in detail. However, here are a few overheard comments, preserved for posterity to give you a feel for the banter:

  • Female fan, to G&G: “We have a son called Gavin and a cat called Guggi!” Gavin explodes with laughter and Guggi, speechless, looks a little crestfallen.
  • Gavin, smirking: “We don’t come to England very much. We’re scared of the English.”
  • Amazement at the Australian Baby Turns Blue/Walls of Jericho 12″, which they have never seen before. Gavin points to the Pig Children cover and says quietly, to no one in particular: “Look at that, isn’t it beautiful?”
  • Gavin, to a fan who has brought an exceptionally large bag of CDs and vinyl to be signed: “Have you got a suitcase as well?”
  • To a couple, of their young son, Gavin asks “What’s his favourite bedtime song, Come To Daddy?”
  • To a fan whose mode of dress looks slightly more “official” than most others’: “Have you come to arrest us?”
  • A fan presents a Faculties book to Guggi, already signed with “This copy belongs to John Balance”. Gavin grabs it, draws a big arrow underneath this and writes “No it does not”.
  • Gavin signs a fan’s original If I Die, I Die poster with the advice “Put it on Ebay, you’ll make a fortune!” The fan responds, admirably, “Never!”
Here are the “best of the rest” of the photographs.