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Sister Ray 29 September 2004 pictures (fans)

Following on from yesterday’s overview of the Sister Ray signing session, today we present more photographs of Gavin & Guggi chatting to some of the people who attended.Given the format of the event, these photographs are a little more repetitive. For those who were present and captured here, we hope you enjoy the memento. For […]

Sister Ray 29 September 2004 pictures

Virginprunes.com eagerly bought a One Day Travelcard and popped along to London’s Soho on 29 September 2004 to document the Mute Records re-releases signing session at Sister Ray with Gavin & Guggi.

An Exhibition promo now deleted

Mute Bank has been shipping out all the orders received for the Virgin Prunes CDs and 12″ and the exclusive promo An Exhibition is now deleted.

Virgin Prunes re-releases on iTunes

The Baby Turns Blue (Directors Cut) 2004 remix by Colin Newman is available on iTunes as an exclusive download. Also available as downloads are Heresie and The Moon Look Down And Laughed.

A Conversation with Gavin Friday – Part 3

If you’ve ever wondered about Jennifer and Mary Coote, or puzzled over the difference between a nisam lo and a vibe-akimbo, today your prayers are answered as we get stuck into the wonderful and frightening world of the Virgin Prunes’ songs. Virginprunes.com: Time for some rapid-fire questions about the content of the songs. What was […]

A Conversation with Gavin Friday – Part 2

In this second part of the interview, Gavin explains more about the process of remastering the recordings and takes us through some of the other changes in the format of the material.Virginprunes.com: For Virgin Prunes completists, one of the most exciting things about the new CDs is the appearance of the previously unreleased track Fádo. […]

A Conversation with Gavin Friday – Part 1

After the work on the re-releases had been completed, Virginprunes.com caught up with Gavin in late August to find out how the project had progressed from initial idea to final execution. Keen to explain the process, in this first installment of the interview Gavin takes us through the building of the relationship with Mute Records […]

Exclusive Virginprunes.com Gavin interview on Monday

Join us next week for an exclusive three-part interview with Gavin Friday, starting on Monday.

Virgin Prunes books

Books by the Virgin Prunes A New Form of Beauty This book, never published, was supposed to be either part six or seven of the 1981 A New Form of Beauty project. Books about the Virgin Prunes The Faculties of a Broken Heart, Rolf Vasellari (Black Sheep Press, 1985) A subjective view of the group, […]

Virgin Prunes – U2 Connection

I occasionally receive a puzzled e-mail from surfers who have found a Virgin Prunes link on a U2 page and don’t understand why. I also (less frequently) discover Virgin Prunes fans who aren’t aware of the group’s connection with what has become one of the largest rock bands on the planet. Very briefly, this is […]