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Jhonn Balance has died

The editors of Virginprunes.com were saddened to learn of the death of Jhonn Balance (also known as John) of Coil at the age of 42 on Saturday 13 November.

Virginprunes.com maintenance completed

If you can read this, you are now looking at the site on its new server.

Mute Records Presents Rare VP Footage

Mute will be screening some never seen before footage of a live performance by the Virgin Prunes next month.

Virgin Prunes on Napster

Virgin Prunes’ album The Moon Looked Down And Laughed and Colin Newman’s Director’s Cut remix of Baby Turns Blue are now available on Napster.

Mute Records website update

Mute Records has updated its website, including the Virgin Prunes’ artist page.

A Conversation With Dave-id – Part 2

Continued from part I So when the music was changing in that way and then the band when back with Over The Rainbow to releasing more of the experimental stuff, do you think that made it harder for a lot of people to accept The Moon Looked Down And Laughed very shortly after, when it […]

A Conversation With Dave-id – Part 1

Hello, is that Dave-id? It’s Stuart from Virginprunes.com. [Pause] Sorry, just turning down the sound on the telly. How are you? Yeah, good thanks. What have you been up to today? Just taking it easy today, out late last night. Where were you? Oh, out on the town on a date, having too many drinks […]

Radio & TV appearances today

Hopefully this isn’t too late notice, but we’ve just heard about a couple of radio & TV appearances this evening that might interest our Irish readers.

Forthcoming Virginprunes.com features

With the re-releases now available, or nearly available, to most fans (depending on where you live), you might be forgiven for thinking that the Virginprunes.com editors will be putting our feet up and relaxing.

A New Form Of Beauty 5 – ticket

This is an original ticket from the A New Form Of Beauty 5 exhibition in 1981. As you can see from the reverse, this particular ticket was bought by, or for, Noel. Was that you?