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Screech Owls On MySpace

We were pleased to stumble across the MySpace page of Debbie Skhow’s band Screech Owls, for whom Dik used to play guitar under his full name of Richard G Evans.

Stylus Magazine’s Guide To Goth

One of the web’s best music sites, Stylus Magazine, sadly shut up shop a few weeks ago. Clicking randomly through its archives, our attention was grabbed by the unexpected sight of a picture of Dik and Guggi.

Virgin Prunes MP3s available on Amazon.com

Readers based in the USA might be interested to learn that part of the Virgin Prunes back catalogue is now available as unprotected MP3 files from the new Amazon MP3 service.

A New Form Of Beauty sticker

Advert from Seaside festival magazine 1983

Postcard: rear view (2004 re-release promo)

Postcard: The Beautifull House (2004 re-release promo)

Postcard: Pig Child Guggi (2004 re-release promo)

Ticket: Brixton Ace, 25 November 1982

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