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Video: Caucasian Walk

Caucasian Walk live in 1982.

GUGGI – Numbers – Yoshii Gallery – New York

GUGGI. Numbers April 29, 2010 – June 12, 2010 Yoshii Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of 22 works, including paintings, drawings and sculptures, by Dublin-based artist Guggi. This will be Guggi’s first solo exhibition with Yoshii Gallery. Guggi’s work, informal and abstract, creates a deceptive simplicity that emphasizes its stillness and meditative presence. […]

Gavin Friday’s new album on the way

Rubyworks are delighted to announce the signing of singer, composer and artiste Gavin Friday to the label. Gavin has been working on songs for a new studio album since 2008; co-writing with Cork based keyboard player Herbie Macken. The pair first collaborated for the Patrick McCabe play ‘The Revenant’ for the Druid Theatre Company in […]

Mick Mercer publishes Virgin Prunes photo book

Legendary rock photographer Mick Mercer has released a book with more than 500 Virgin Prunes photos from his archives. The photos were taken by Linda Rowell at various shows: Brixton Ace 6.4.83, Electric Ballroom 11.8.83, Lyceum 27.11.83, Electric Ballroom 10.12.85, Croydon Underground (including a Gavin Friday posed session) 12.12.85. The book is only available online […]

Big Think – Overcoming Arts True Test: Discipline – Guggi

“While artists are known for following whims and dodging routine, the Irish painter Guggi insists that hard-work, structure, and a refusal to put down even the most frustrating piece, are the keys to developing ones talent.”

Courtney Love’s introduction to the Virgin Prunes

Courtney Love introduced the Virgin Prunes at the ‘Gavin Friday and Friends’ event in Carnegie Hall on October 4th. She did so eloquently and passionately, explaining how she came to know of them and what they meant to her life. What follows is a close approximation of what she said and it includes a brief […]

Mates, Dames and Prunes

Virgin Prunes on stage at Carnegie Hall (Gavin Friday, Guggi, Dik + Jim Thirlwell) We’re still recuperating from our whirlwind trip to New York City, where we attended the “Gavin Friday and Friends” concert at Carnegie Hall. By ‘we’ I mean the International Brigade, a group of friends who met online, through their love of […]

Big Think – Ideas – Guggi interview

Question: What was your biggest career mistake? Guggi: Working for my dad. Question: Why was that a mistake? Guggi: It was a mistake because he worked us very, very hard for very little money but then when he’d get annoyed with us he wouldn’t discipline us the way you would normally discipline an employee. He […]

Prune power

The Irish Times – Saturday, October 3, 2009 He led an elite group of avant-garde chancers that included Bono and The Edge. A host of stars, including U2, will take the stage in New York to celebrate the former Virgin Prune’s 50th birthday LYPTON VILLAGE was a little known area in Ballymun, Dublin. It only […]

Dik Evans joins Carnegie Hall line up

Gavin says: “Dik, Edge’s brother will be there, who was in U2 before they were U2, and Guggi of course, so I would love Dik and Guggi and myself to do some Virgin Prunes songs – it won’t be the Virgin Prunes reuniting because we don’t do that, but let’s see what happens. When Hal […]